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    Contemporary Ballet Inspired By The Music Of Depeche Mode

    “Another World” is a contemporary ballet performance, in which Depeche Mode’s world famous “Another World” tour meets the writing of Japan’s most famous novelist Haruki Murakami. This dynamic marriage of text and performance takes in both H. Murakami’s “Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World” and Depeche Mode’s brilliant flair for music and image. Laurel of the performance rightfully belong to the director and choreographer Marija Simona Šimulynaitė and all dancers of “Baltic Ballet Theater”. It is a young, ambitious and talented team, established in 2010, formed by young potential artists who studied abroad, yet have a desire to work and create in their native country. The “Another World”…

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    The Role Of Open Data In Choosing Neighborhood

    To what extent is it important to get familiar with our environment? If we think about how the world surrounding us has changed throughout the years, it is not so unreasonable that, while walking to work, we might encounter some new little shops, restaurants, or gas stations we had never noticed before. Likewise, how many times did we wander about for hours just to find green spaces for a run? And the only one we noticed was even more polluted than other urban areas! Citizens are not always properly informed about the evolution of the places they live in. And that is why it would be crucial for people to…