ecseri flea market Budapest

Guide: how to shop on “Ecseri” flea-market in Budapest

Giveaways, bargains and fun are served up at the Ecseri Street flea market. A variety of entertainment, the hustle and bustle of bartering with various, friendly vendors and the enormous deals are the compelling reasons why the popularity of flea markets continues after so many years. Who doesn’t enjoy treasure hunting through second-hand goods, bragging about an AMAZING deal for clothes, home furnishings or decor; discovering a unique collectible or a gorgeous piece of gold jewelry? The successful marriage of new and secondary goods in flea market merchandising certainly offers “something for everyone” and we know how to do it. People also go to Ecseri Street flea market for dun, and family entertainment is high on our list of weekly events with draws, clowns, puppet shows and much more.

ecseri flea market Budapest

Flea markets have changed quite a bit over the years and some have even begun to look like outdoor outlet stores. A flea market used to mean, an event where people brought their used items to put on display for sale, much like a huge yard sale with many different vendors. These days, you can find more new items at flea markets than old ones and there can be some great deals as well as folks who will try to take advantage of you. Many flea market vendors travel from place to place and if you buy something one day, the vendor may not be there the next time if you are dissatisfied with your purchase. When you buy something at a flea market you should assume your purchase to be ‘as is’ and be sure that you are getting a quality item because you won’t be able to get a refund in most cases.

ecseri flea market Budapest


If you are buying a used item, don’t ever take a vendor’s word that the item is undamaged or an original. Some shady vendors will say anything to make a sale and they know there will be no recourse if they are found to be lying. Most people will not spend the time or effort to track down dishonest flea market vendors for the few dollars they were taken for. Flea markets are also famous for hosting vendors of imitation goods or look-a-like items and dishonestly pass them off as the real thing. If you are making a large purchase, be sure you know you are getting what you pay for.

Homemade craft items and handmade furniture are flea market finds, they are unique and beautiful and you are unlikely to find their like in a department store. These items will be costly but may be worth it if they are made with quality craftsmanship. Ask the vendor for his card so that you may contact him again if someone admiring you piece wants to know where to get one.

ecseri flea market Budapest

Whether you are buying new or used items at the flea market, keep both eyes open and don’t make any impulse purchases. Walk around the flea market a time or two to be sure where the best deals are and plan to purchase the heaviest items last unless your car is parked close by, you don’t want to be carting around a large heavy object for the rest of the day! Just use caution and you’re sure to come home with some great deals!

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