• saltibarsciai

    Lithuanian cuisine: “interesting” won’t be your sole reaction to traditional cuisine

    A polite reply consisting of the word “interesting” won’t be your sole reaction to Lithuanian cuisine. Our kitchen is rather simple, even laconic, I dare say, if you consider our most widely used ingredients – potatoes, mushrooms, meat, sour-cream and vegetables – but also nutritious. Be brave in your quest to familiarize yourself with it – sample and experiment away! Satisfaction is guaranteed, and you just might want to bring a recipe or two back home. Fried bread and beer. They are as common to an average Lithuanian these days as spears and armor used to be back in the day. Beware of the thick coating of garlic on the…

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  • Arbanasi, Bulgaria (3)

    Roman gold in the surroundings of Arbanassi

    Romans had lived in this lovely land before the Bugarians and on the site of today’s Arbanassi there was a settlement inhabited by Roman soldiers. They guarded the ancient road that passed through Kamenets and went down to Tarnovo, thus linking the lands on both sides of the Balkan Mountains. The soldiers guarded something else too – somewhere in the mountains there was a Roman mint. The Emperor Justinian had moved it far away from his capital; he thought that it would be more secure in the inaccessible mountain heights. They say that deep caves far down underground the gold was smelted and great amounts of coins were struck for…

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  • ecseri flea market Budapest

    Guide: how to shop on “Ecseri” flea-market in Budapest

    Giveaways, bargains and fun are served up at the Ecseri Street flea market. A variety of entertainment, the hustle and bustle of bartering with various, friendly vendors and the enormous deals are the compelling reasons why the popularity of flea markets continues after so many years. Who doesn’t enjoy treasure hunting through second-hand goods, bragging about an AMAZING deal for clothes, home furnishings or decor; discovering a unique collectible or a gorgeous piece of gold jewelry? The successful marriage of new and secondary goods in flea market merchandising certainly offers “something for everyone” and we know how to do it. People also go to Ecseri Street flea market for dun,…

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  • Budapest spa

    Budapest – the city of spas

    Hippocrates, the father of medicine, once said: “Nature is the physician of our diseases”. Nature has been unusually bountiful towards Hungary: the country sits on one of the most precious geothermal and medicinal water resources. That’s why the local culture of bathing goes back two thousand years. Of the 1300 thermal springs registered in the country, nearly 300 are used for bathing. About 130 of medicinal and mineral water springs are located in Budapest! Budapest is definitely a spa capital, with many different types of spas – you can choose from party spas to traditional roman or Turkish baths. Hungary is blessed with an abundance of natural thermal springs, which…

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  • The Grassalkovich Castle

    Gödöllő: the most impressive palace in Budapest

    The Grassalkovich Castle is one of the largest and most important monuments of Budapest’s Palace architecture. Count Antal Grassalkovich I, its builder, was a typical figure of the Hungarian aristocracy and a confidant of Empress Maria Theresa. It is said that the construction of the palace began in 1733. The palace underwent a few modifications and enlargements during the 18th century. Interestingly, besides the residential part, the building contained a theatre, church, hothouse, riding-fall, orangery, greenhouse, and was surrounded by a beautiful park. After the significant part of the Grassalkovich family died out, the palace had several owners, and in 1867 it was bought for the King of Hungary. Hungarian…

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  • Vienna Opera

    The most important Opera House in the world – The Viennese Opera

    The Viennese Opera House is certainly one of the most important Opera Houses in the world. It was built in 1869 to the design of the architects Eduard van der Null and August von Sicardsburg, but was almost completely destroyed during the Second World War. The Opera House was rebuilt and reopened in 1955 and since then has offered performances of the highest quality to international audiences on more than 300 days of every year. On these days, audiences are entertained by the most celebrated artists and the best opera-orchestra in the world – one from which the future members of the renowned Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra are chosen. The international…

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