Hi! My name’s Laura.


I’m a traveler. I’m a writer. I’m a woman. I’m a Lithuanian. And I’ll tell my travel stories here from all around the Globe.

There’s already approx. 20% of the World in my travel map and I really hope to collect more. Yes, more %. As more % of the Globe traveled means more experiences, more adventures, deeper understanding, more friends or passers by.

While traveling, I’m trying to understand and respect local culture, traditions, habits and environment. I see it as inevitable must for a traveler, as we are not only spectators, but as well influencers of the new environment we are coming into. That’s why before hitting the road and even before packing my backpack I’m reading, google’ing, listening to music or watching movies about or from the country I’m planning to head to.

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At the same time – this blog is a way to improve my English. So, apologies in advance fro grammar, spelling and other mistakes… ;)

And here are some spots I’ve visited so far:


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