Hi! My name’s Laura.

The world is so overrun by tourists nowadays that nobody wants to be one. Nobody wants to stroll around on tourist trails or eat tourist food or see popular tourist destinations. Nobody wants to talk like a tourist, look like a tourist or behave like a tourist. Nobody wants to be the one with a map rushing to photograph the 20 architectural masterpieces, only never to return there again. Nobody yearns for standard experiences. Nobody wants to share the same memories.

And even though I’m just another tourist – I’m trying to be conscious, appreciative, and mindful. And I’ll share my stories here. Perhaps they can inspire or open your mind.

We are not only spectators but also influencers of the environment we are entering. That’s why before hitting the road and even before packing my backpack, I’m reading, googling, listening to music, or watching movies about or from the country I’m planning to head to.

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