• Ukraine

    Food Guide: Where To Eat And Party In Lviv

    “Secret” is, perhaps, the best word to describe Lviv, a city in the southwest of Ukraine. Narrow streets, old buildings, and picture-square courtyards hide evidence of historic events, rebellious Ukrainian character and charming stories of a daily city-life. “Secret” is, perhaps, as well the most popular type of bars and restaurants. Throughout the city, there are dozens of them. Not marked on the maps, without any sign, usually hidden by the shabby flat doors. You can easily find yourself circling around, sneaking into small courtyards, looking for the hidden doors. But when you find them – usually its more than worth it. My favorite one is called „Libraria“ (easy to…

  • Odessa Catacombs

    2,500 Km Underground: Largest Catacomb System In The World

    Odessa is a resort city in the Eastern European country Ukraine. Nevertheless, it is worth visiting for blue waters of the Black Sea, cheep seafood and rich history (the city itself was built by French, Italians, Dutch and many others) it has one unique place of interest – the largest underground catacomb system in the World. Yes, in the whole World. And you can go down there… You might have heard of the famous catacombs in Rome or Paris. But these, compared to the catacombs of Odesa, are just a “drop in the ocean”. Tunnels beneath Rome stretch only for 300 kilometers, while ones in Paris – approximatelly 500 kilometers.…

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