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✗ Austria

>>> The most important Opera House in the world – The Viennese Opera [Vienna]

✗ Belarus
✗ Belgium
Bosnia & Herzegovina

✗ Bulgaria

>>> Buying your place in the sun: real estate near the Black Sea
>>> Bulgarian cuisine: the favourite chips and cheese
>>> Act As Local: Some Tips And Tricks That Will Make Your Life (And Parties) In Bulgaria Easier
>>> Time when I guest-blogged about Bulgarian Christmas traditions
>>> Bulgaria for Beginners: All You Need to Know
>>> Nesebar: Life on the old Island [Nesebar]
>>> Between Heaven and Earth: the Rock Churches of the Ivanovo
>>> Roman gold in the surroundings of Arbanassi [Veliko Tarnovo]
>>> First traces of human nature in Veliko Tarnovo [Veliko Tarnovo]
>>> An ancient city of Plovdiv: top attractions and a bit of history [Plovdiv]

✗ Croatia
✗ Czech Republic
✗ Denmark

✗ Estonia

>>> Ten reasons why Estonia stands out from the crowd
>>> Nature holiday in Estonia that never fails to amaze: forests and bogs [1]
>>> Nature holiday in Estonia that never fails to amaze: geological miracles [2]
>>> Nature holiday in Estonia that never fails to amaze: sea, islands, rivers, and lakes [3]
>>> Nature holiday in Estonia that never fails to amaze: birds in their natural habitat [4]

✗ France
✗ Germany
✗ Greece
✗ Holy See | Vatican

✗ Hungary

>>> Gödöllő: the most impressive palace in Budapest [Budapest]
>>> Budapest – the city of spas, best spas for you [Budapest]
>>> Guide: how to shop on “Ecseri” flea-market [Budapest]

✗ Ireland

✗ Italy

>>> Eight must-see piazzas in Rome, one of the most romantic cities in the world [Rome]

✗ Latvia

>>> Ala In Riga: Good Basement For Good Beers [Riga]


✗ Lithuania

>>> Lithuanian cuisine: “interesting” won’t be your sole reaction to traditional cuisine
>>> Vilnius: art in public places and permanent exhibitions [Vilnius]
>>> Kaunas – sidekick of Lithuania and my favorite places to see and be [Kaunas]
>>> Kaunas history: second Lithuanian city was the capital once [Kaunas]
>>> The history of Kaunas Fortress and Kaunas Forts [Kaunas]

✗ Luxembourg

✗ Malta

>>> The incredible history of Malta’s Salina Salt Pan [St. Paul’s Bay]

✗ Netherlands
✗ Norway
✗ Poland
✗ Portugal
✗ Romania
✗ Russia
San Marino
✗ Slovakia

✗ Spain

>>> Fiesta: the fierce and colorful San Fermin festival [Pamplona]
>>> San Fermines festival: bullfighting and brutality, drink and song, joy and excitement [Pamplona]
>>> Walk, discover, taste, and feel Valencia in Cabanyal: the trendy maritime district [Valencia]
>>> A short gastro-cultural tour through Valencia: enjoy it like a real Valencian! [Valencia]


✗ Switzerland

>>> The scariest bar in the World – with “Alien” movie decorations [Gruyères]

✗ TFYR Macedonia

>>> City of Mother Teresa [Skopje]
>>> Miraculously beautiful Ohrid Lake and surrounding region [Ohrid Lake region]

✗ Turkey

>>> A home to rock-carved dwellings, historical houses, linseed oil factories, and rock tombstones [Agirnas]
>>> The history of Kayseri: a gem in Turkey’s history and culture [Kayseri]
>>> The ultimate list: what to see and do in Kayseri [Kayseri]
>>> Kültepe: one of the World’s most amazing open-air museums [Kültepe]

✗ United Kingdom

✗ Ukraine

>>> 2,500 Km Underground: Largest Catacomb System In The World [Odessa]
>>> Food Guide: Where To Eat And Party In Lviv [Lviv]

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Isle of Man
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