Macedonia Ohrid lake (10)

Miraculously beautiful Ohrid Lake and surrounding region

Lake Ohrid, perhaps, is the most magical place in whole Macedonia. Crystal clear waters, springs and little rivers, green mountains and small villages, old monasteries and ancient Roman relics. If visiting Skopje, the capital of Macedonia, was not that much impressive, then Ohrid region is a must for every traveler. By the way, travel there now as it is still a hidden gem, not crowded with tourists.

St. Naum Monastery

Macedonia Ohrid lake

The locality of St. Naum is one miraculous place, at the springs of the river Crni Drim. Located at the south shore of Ohrid Lake, the crystal clear water of the springs, are like a mirror reflecting the vegetation of the surroundings and the peaks of the mountain Galicica.

Built on the rocky hill right above the lake, the monastery of St. Naum is one of the most beautiful ones in Macedonia. St. Naum had chosen this noble wilderness to continue his mission that served to the enlightened of the people. He was considered to be a healer and miracle-worker, which is witnessed by frescoes in the grave chapel.

Macedonia Ohrid lake

The church itself is dedicated to the Holy archangels Michael and Gabriel and inside the church it holds the baroque-stiled icon holder and frescoes with painted folklore dresses from the Ohrid and Prespa region from the end of the XVIII Century.

Visit the St. Naum monastery and the small chapel of St. Petka with its famous healing water spring, and the springs of the river Crni Drim.

Macedonia Ohrid lake

Don’t forget to include sightseeing in the Ohrid Riviera. Find small local restaurant and be sure to try famous Ohrid trout.

Struga and Vevcani

Macedonia Ohrid lake

Struga is located on the northern side of the Ohrid Lake, where river Crni Drim flows out of the lake. Struga is a town of poetry, and hosts the world’s poetry elite at the festival “The Struga Poetry Nights”.

There are Neolithic remains, as well as Roman monuments in the town. A special attention appears from the XIX Century architecture, and unique museum Dr. Nikola Nezlobinski, where most of the animals and birds from Ohrid region can be seen studded (rarities are two-headed veal and a 16 kg peace of Ohrid trout). Visit to the museum takes around 40 minutes.

Macedonia Ohrid lake

Don’t forget to go sightseeing through Struga’s narrow streets visiting the Bridge of Poetry.

Only a few kilometers from Stuga are located monasteries of Holy Mother of Kalista, and the cave church from XIV Century. There is a possibility of buying the famous monastery cheese and grapes brandy (rakija).

Macedonia Ohrid lake

Struga is located at the foothill of mountains rich with mountain springs and one of the most attractive of those springs is at the village of Vevcani.

Macedonia Ohrid lake

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