Skopje – city of Mother Teresa

When strolling by the Vardar River, passing under the arches of the Stone Bridge, regarding the medieval and 1970s buildings and taking pictures of the smiling children, you realize that Skopje will remain a puzzle. Even, perhaps, forever.

Little shops in the old Turkish bazaar

The strange things is, that even after visiting this city – you can’t say you loved it or not. History offers little help in finding the solution.

The Capital City of the Republic of Macedonia, a modern administrative, trade and cultural centre of the state, has twice rose up like a Phoenix, after two catastrophic earthquakes in 518 AD and in 1963.

City with many Mosques and huge Muslim community

Although lot of human lives and material goods were lost, still numerous archaeological localities remained as well as the Old Turkish bazaar, which includes the Daut Pasha amam, converted into the Art Gallery, one of the largest of its kind in Macedonia; the Kapan An, the Mustafa Pasha mosque etc.

One of the main city squares, nest to Vardar

On the hill above the city, village of Nerezi is located, where monumental church of St. Pantelejmon was built in XII Century. The church of Holly Salvation holds the burial place of famous Macedonian human rights leader Goce Delcev.

In the city itself there are numerous museums and remains of Old railway station, as a reminder of the catastrophic earthquake in 1963.

Lively market on the outskirts of the city – prices might come as pleasant surprise

Skopje is a birth place of one of the noblest souls of our time, Mother Teresa.

Tour around the city will take you approximately 4 hours.

Tiny shops in the Old Turkish bazaar

In the morning – make sure to visit the Old Bazaar and slowly sip Turkish coffee with some pastry. Later, head on to Daut Pasha amam, visit monument of Mother Teresa, the Mustafa Pasha Mosque, the Kapan An.

End you tour with the visit of the burial place of Goce Delcev in the church of Holly Salvation (St. Spas).

Missed the bus to Ohrid and got stuck in the city for 8 long hours… ;)

After lunch, continue your tour with a visit of the church of St. Pantelejmon in the village of Nerezi.

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